Luce Interact

Bringing the Smithsonian to everything else, and everything else to the American public.

Created by Team Back Left


  • Enrich the experience of museum visitors
  • Bring the collection to people not at the museum
  • Create a robust feedback loop with museum-goers
  • Link to other collections -- especially other Luce Centers

What is this really?
Progressive enhancement

  • There's a base layer of information and interactivity that's available everywhere, regardless of device or where they are
  • Then, if they're in the museum, they can do some extra things
  • Help them find things they didn't know they were looking for, wherever they are

Use case:
experiences available to everyone

  • Create their own collection
  • Play games and see analytics on the game results. LUCEmash, Luce ArtID and ArtWords.
  • Get 'interest tracks' and pre-curated tours, follow along virtually
  • Browse everything or search and browse
  • See tons of related information on the objects
  • Share items through user's social media
  • Virtual tour with links to objects. See this is action -->

Use case: in the museum, with a device

  • Let people know they can see extra stuff through their device
  • Get 'interest tracks' and pre-curated tours through your device and follow the map
  • Create their own collection as they walk through
  • Through wi-fi triangulation, display "Near Me Now" items
  • Ability to enter item number or take picture of item to pull up more information
  • Ability to share items through user's social media

Use case:
but what if I don't have a smart phone?

  • iPad or other tablets installed in location will provide a similar experience, minus the parts that require user geo-location
  • Each can be tuned to first display the "Near Me Now" information
  • Some can be tuned to display the games only
  • Bring the entire collection to the physical space: one display would be a wall-size installation that lets the museum-goer use a fun, huge touch interface to search and share the collection that's not on display. "Zoom in" to a virtual shelf. An example of something similar here.

Once a user, through any device, finds an object, what can they find?

  • Each object page links to tons of related information
  • Artist: link to other works by artist
  • Style: link to other works in that style
  • Other Luce Center work: link to other works in other Luce Centers. We can pull this in through other public APIs such as this one at the Brooklyn Museum
  • Ability to add information on the object (do you know this person? was this your grandmother?)
  • Curator: see extra media from curator, and link to other worked curated by that person.

Why would this be great?

  • Makes information available to all to make it about public art access rather than physical location access
  • Provides a consistant brand experience across all locations while adding functions as appropriate
  • Lets people interact more through social media and requests for input
  • Connects people to other Luce Centers -- educates about the Foundation
  • Turns the museum experience into a frequent thing instead of a once-a-year event.

Luce Interact

Bringing the Smithsonian to everything else, and everything else to the American public.